Marlboro Box Trasformers

From the creative mind of an Indonesian who hails from Kalimantan, a new set of Transformers have been unveiled, and he has made them the most feared of bots of all time, they are

1. The Malioboroticon (i’m not doing a typo here, just google it, Malioboro is very famous in Indonesia)
2. Koreticon (Korek is matches in Indonesian or Mancis in Malay)
3. Durexicon (The Transformers that transforms out of a plain Durex box, only the tall boxes however, not the small ones)

Please look at the pictures below and then see the video for yourself how these boxes actually transform into gruelling decepticons……

marlboro_bot mancis_bot durexticon


Jimmy Lee from Kalimantan actually made this video and since the decepticons have no names, i’ll name each and everyone differently,

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