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Good morning everybody..
Why morning?? b’coz it’s 3am now.. and why limpek so pok mia (hardworking) posting at this hour.. b’coz cibaiHuat recently kao lui (trying to find himself a girlfriend).. sipet tulan~
Ok, let’s get back to our topic today which is related to the word LIMPEK
Do you guys ever heard some ah bengs outthere calling themselves LIMPEK whenever they started a conversation?? For example: Soli, LIMPEK today boh eng la.. (ENGLISH: So sorry, I am not free today.)
Actually calling ourselves LIMPEK is very rude especially to those people which are older than us. (actually we shouldn’t call ourselves LIMPEK no matter how) But still alot of people calling themselves LIMPEK.
Let limpek explain to you all the reason why we shouldn’t call ourselves limpek if you still don’t know why??!!
Here’s the reason:
LIM-PEK if splitted into 2 chinese characters would be 令(LING)尊(ZUN) which means your father in a very formal way calling somebody else’s father, for example: 令尊在家嗎? (ENGLISH: Is you father at home? HOKKIEN: LIN-LauPEK at home or not?) -____-”
In short : LIMPEK, Wa (in Hokkien) == Your Father, which is ME Or in Cantonese – 你老豆,我.. the whole string means: You are actually calling yourself somebody else’s father!!! (which is very very the cibaily, kannely, fuckingly, god damn rude~)
So now you guys know the true meaning of LIMPEK right?? if you still don’t understand then you just go to any kopitiam (coffee shop) and try to order anything there in this way: Taukeh, LIMPEK want a cup of kopi-O dun want kopi! and just wait and see his reaction.
But there are still some exceptions which some people can really call themselves LIMPEK. Let’s see who’s eligible for calling themselves LIMPEK..

ENGLISH: youngsters, when want to come up and pay roadtax to LIMPEK? Some road-fixing projects will be conducted real soon! ngek ngek ngek~ -giggling-

This uncle can really call himself LIMPEK.. Reason: his surname is LIM, he is our Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong which is the founder of . He actually doesn’t have to call himself LIMPEK, b’coz the whole Malaysia is calling him LIMPEK aka UNCLE LIM (林伯 ) which UNCLE == PEK, in Hokkien sometimes PEK is also 伯(uncle) or 爸(father) while LIM is his surname, 林. So, this uncle is actually the most famous LIMPEK in Malaysia.
Another guy which is also famous with LIMPEK.. See below.

ENGLISH: when are you going to pay your debt?! LIMPEK now money not enough!!

This guy is an artist from Singapore. His surname is not LIM but he is Mark Lee (李国煌 ) acting as Ah Huang in 突然发财 and some local Singapore movies & TV-series. Reason he’s eligible: The movie director wanted him to keep calling himself LIMPEK so we can’t stop him from getting richer. He was PAID to call himself LIMPEK.. why not..
Finally last but not least, the LIMPEK of cibailang.com which is this guy below.

wa chor!!! Do LIMPEK look like Bruce Lee?!

The reason this guy is eligible: His name is Xxxx Xxxx Lim (X X 林 ) which the firstname is LIM, so he can call himself LIMPEK for this reason… wahahahahaha!!!
So now we can conclude that there are 3 exceptions which some people can really call themselves LIMPEK.
1st. Surname must be LIM
2nd. You are paid to call yourself LIMPEK
3rd. Firstname must be LIM
Or maybe more, just let me know if you have any other suggestions…

Never think that you will look like me only with that sunglasses!

11 thoughts on “who is limpek

  1. thanks man for reading our blog..
    and thanks for the link also, i think another reader also gave me the similiar thing before.. ^^

  2. i think u more handsome than bruce lee…how’s the audition for stephen chau’s movie??? =)
    now i understand what does limpek means..wa si li limpek lah…haha

    limpek, do some posting on haze lah..almost all blogs got something on haze..

  3. wah.. blogna.. thanks for your concern.. me here also feeling very hot there days but no feeling hot in pg whn i got back few days ago.. hmm.. okok.. will discuss with ahHuat n c how.. he also complaint.

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