World CIBAI Day

I wonder, I really wonder, what triggered the sudden interest in Microsoft Cibai like 2 months or so ago.  To be exact, 19th May 2009.

Well, as far as i know, prior to that day the word Cibai is still pretty much a taboo for most sites which I would categorize as politically correct (or at least refrained from using such ‘low class’ words).

However, 19th May 2009 seems to have changed the fate of this word. Not only this word has been mentioned the most times since the Internet was created. The word even made it to Twitter’s trending topic of the day. This is really a victory to the cibai-loving people out there. We can speak it out proudly now with all the recognition!!!! And as founders, we are ecstatic that the word cibai will stand side by side with words like Fuck or Shit or even Java, AJAX.

With this, I would like to proclaim 19th May 2009 as World Cibai Day (WCD)  for the reason that the word has finally made it to break the trending topic on Twitter and the fact that a lot of prominent bloggers have used the word on their site.

I will not elaborate more on the topic of who wrote actually wrote articles about CIBAI, you can always do a search on it. But I must say, thank you all of your tweets and blog posts, your contribution has helped the CIBAI word attain its much needed status.

Now, if you’d love to drill on the timeline of events that led to the recognition of the CIBAI word.

12th May 09, I posted on the Microsoft Cibai Project,

and not long after that, on 19th May 09, the cibai keyword became a trending topic on twitter. I really wonder how these people have discovered it. *Wink Wink* I let you do the thinking. ^^


So remember, May 19th is World Cibai Day!!! Yay!!!

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