Never trust cibai chatter from internet (this is cibaily true story, MUST read!!!)

Yo~ long time no c everybody.. limpek is back for some sense today.
Today i m gonna tell u all regarding my real experience. Just now while having dinner with cibaiHuat, we were talking about some old time experience i.e when we get started with , then evolved to and ended up as most of the people now with or … then we talked about many things bla bla bla~~ and one of the topics is that we both have cyber gf before.. hehe.. I believe most of u also have right?
Now, let me tell u all about my experience in this.. mine one’s is a pathetic one’s, cibaily kannely god damnly pathetic.. that sometimes i will awake from sleeping b’coz of this.. can u all imagine how awful is that experience.. really a nightmare… damn cibai~
Last time while i was in Uni, i used to stay online till 3-4am in the final year as my final year project is a network-monitoring kinda tool..blablabla~ (以下五十个字请自己填写,谢谢!)Of course I also must fully utilize the internet facility (hey, we paid every single cent for that le~ ya know, last time only 56k dial-up, no broadband service like the cibai as always complaint by n cibai as always complaint by cibaiHuat for the slowliness, only or the slow ).
Limpek still remember limpek used to have a very good relationship with a gal that limpek knew from the cibai by doing a random pick, how was this being done??? For those who doesn’t know, let me explain, this is a feature of , just select Age [18-22] (that time Uni time this age la~), Sex [female] (i think sometimes fake), Language [Cantonese,Chinese,Mandarin,English,etc – max = 3], then just submit.. yeah, don’t forget to Tick also [Show only Online contacts], then a list of contacts will come out then u just choose whoever u like to chat to.. muhahhaha… damn easy huh?
Ok, let’s get to the point.. we were once like anybody else, a cyber couple (wwwooooo~).. she is from HongKong, a very nice gal i believe.. hehe.. got alot of fans.. (must be very pretty~ else wont be that popular i believe) but she told me that she just likes to chat with me.. (hiak hiak..). She used to get online at ~1am, that was the hour i ngam ngam back from yamcha with my housemates n my housemates knew i got a HK cyber-gf that they will never use the internet or make any phonecalls… sometimes if the yamcha session dragged for too long, i will just leave my housemates behind n rushed back just to chat with her.. we even had an overseas phonecall before, her voice is damn sweet, most of the time we were using icqphone to talk to each other but i don’t like talking in this way coz i hate to talk using headset. I always told her that i will visit her one day in HongKong after my graduation.. and both of us really excited to wait for that day to come.
One nite, she told me that she will visit Singapore with her family n she wished that we could meet in Singapore coz i told her that the place i used to study is very closed to Singapore. Then she sent me some of her pictures that she afraid i can’t recognize her when i see her in Singapore. I had been asked for her pictures for around a year but she kept saying that she still hadn’t had time to scan them (last time digicam very expensive, we can’t afford that, only scanner) but now she said she wanna send me her pictures of coz i will never say NO right?
But after i got her pictures, i just told her that i was very tired n sleepy n gotta sleep earlier coz i got exam in the next day. From tat nite onwards, we never chat coz i will never ever login to .. n from tat nite onwards, i just online to do my final year project, really really concentrate on my studies.. n finally i got an A for my project of coz.. really proud man!~ Of coz, we never meet each other as promised. I think u guys must be thinking that she is very ugly or wat.. n i m such a lousy realistic guy like anybody else in the internet that just looking for nice n pretty gals huh??!! Ok, i still keep her pictures till today.. just to share with u all, u will need to scroll down to see her pictures or if u think that i m so lame n lousy n irresponsible, just close this window now~ thanks.








scroll down abit further to see, thanks


























ok, here u go~

Try to imagine if this is the scene i first met her~

Try to imagine whenever u come home from work, she runs to u like this!

Try to imagine, she is ur gf at school n dressing like this~ waaarrrrhhhhh..

Try to imagine she entertains ur guest like this

Try to imagine she stood at the doorway n say BYE BYE to u everytime u going for work…


God!!! Am I doing wrong ignoring her last time???!!!!

13 thoughts on “Never trust cibai chatter from internet (this is cibaily true story, MUST read!!!)

  1. I thought real gal pic but instead “Wong Siaw Hu” chow chee bye you really got me this time ha..ha.. theres a another guy called “Pak liang chin” also dame funny. All are Stephen Chow crew last time.

    p/s: Curious about the real gal pic, why you give up meeting her is she dame ugly?

  2. hiak hiak… gotcha!~.. anyway, i can tell u that this is a 50-50 true story.. I had 2 cyber-gfs infact.. i met both of them.. hehe..

  3. sshhh… u better dun let them hear u ask they look like this RuHua or Wong Siu Fu (in million dollar man i guess)..

  4. i used know someone from irc age, met once, but after no contact coz he looks a bit nerdy, however last year, by chance i met him again and then leh wah, he now so yau ying ah….siaw siaw…

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