Real Life Barbie #2 Alina Kovalevskaya from Ukraine

a few months back we featured a model who looks exactly like a barbie doll, now we found another barbie lookalike model, and she is from Ukraine.

here is a video of herself and here is the link to her Youtube Profile


here is another video on her by Vice



Below are her photos, and mind you, I think I will develop a barbie doll fetish in no time…. 😛















Alina-Kovalevskaya-18 Alina-Kovalevskaya-19 Alina-Kovalevskaya-20 Alina-Kovalevskaya-21 Alina-Kovalevskaya-22 Alina-Kovalevskaya-23 Alina-Kovalevskaya-24 Alina-Kovalevskaya-25 Alina-Kovalevskaya-26 Alina-Kovalevskaya-27 Alina-Kovalevskaya-28 Alina-Kovalevskaya-1 Alina-Kovalevskaya-1 Alina-Kovalevskaya-2 Alina-Kovalevskaya-3 Alina-Kovalevskaya-4 Alina-Kovalevskaya-5 Alina-Kovalevskaya-6 Alina-Kovalevskaya-7 Alina-Kovalevskaya-8 Alina-Kovalevskaya-9 Alina-Kovalevskaya-10 Alina-Kovalevskaya-11 Alina-Kovalevskaya-12 Alina-Kovalevskaya-13 Alina-Kovalevskaya-14 Alina-Kovalevskaya-15 Alina-Kovalevskaya-16

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