A poem for TOTO

TOTO u r my saviour
TOTO I worship u
TOTO u r my hope
TOTO I will give myself hope when u give me hope
TOTO u r my everything as long as u give me ur everything
TOTO I cry when you become part of me
TOTO u r awesome
TOTO u complete my life
TOTO u r my baby
TOTO, make me your baby
TOTO plz come near me so that i can hug n kiss u deeply
TOTO I love you so much, please do love me too

TOTO plz dont hurt me for IM so in love with u
only with u,i can find myself
only with u,i know who i am
only with u, i have hope to face a better tomorrow
so don’t leave me
please come to me

I love you TOTO

Let me grab u
And stay beside me the rest of ur life
I Just LOVE the way u do….

I don’t want other people to touch u
U belong to me
No one but me can touch u

U r my first love
and I hope I am your first love too

penned on the night before the 3 Million TOTO draw in Singapore

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