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Cibailang doesn’t like to write politics, but seeing the whole government in Malaysia is rotting like hell, I can’t help but start writing political cibai posts.

See this racist A$$hol3$ face on a paper in Singapore, cannot tahan, read his fucking statements.

Mr Khairy defended the retention of the NEP-type policies.

“Distribution of wealth made possible
under these policies is crucial not only for the
bumiputeras who are doing badly but also for
those non-bumiputeras who are still suffering
from poverty and do not have educational opportunities
he said.

This is the same guy who said that Mat Rempit (motorcycle gangsters) are assets to the society. And he is a so called OxBridge graduate, God knows if that is true. This guy also played racist cards at UMNO assemblies and everyone in UMNO bodek (ampu) this guy because his FIL (father in law) is the most corrupted Prime Minister of Malaysia ever.

Guys, I know a lot of you are not interested in politics, coz a lot of you would think that having a steady job, a car, a place to stay and things around you look alright, not rosy pictures but alright, and you’re brought up in the confucianism teachings that teaches you to live moderately (kesederhanaan in Pendidikan Moral). And also all the bull crap that the Government tells you that if you don’t vote BN, you don’t get development, that’s total bull. Development means what? What’s the price of development? Real price is you pay this Government thousands of Ringgit to buy one screw driver, another thousands to buy a digital camera, all in the name of Pembangungan or Development? So you think development has anything to do with you? Yes, because you supplied the $$$. That’s just a small part of how the government mishandled the $$$.

Read more from alternative news source like or or even opposition blogs like and I bet you will think that the whole bunch of BN (UMNO,MCA,MIC and Co) politicians can actually get nominated in Oscars for Best Political Act, winning all the categories available.

some facts :

Do Malaysians read? Yes. Mastika, every month.
How many books does a Malaysian read in a year? About 2 books.
How long does it take a civil servant to read a non-fiction hardcover? Six years!

Get yourself somethin to read. Which is way too low. Becoming a 1st world country without reading books ? Over my dead body. I’m sure most of you would rather spend time ‘chasing’ HKTVB series or some Korean dramas, but do spend some time reading, it doesn’t have to be political. But the more you read, the more you understand how things work. Read online, read good blogs, that’s an alternative choice if you don’t have $ to buy books.

khairy ass hole

khairy ass hole

khairy ass hole

khairy ass hole

the fact is, the younger generation and older generation, there is a wider gap among Malays and Non-Malays than the time of your father or grandfather. FACT. Go ask your parents.

8 thoughts on “sucky malaysian politics

  1. Good post… Most malay are the one who LOVE racist issue… this damn thing happened to my blog recently when I critisize about “Malaysian AstroNUT”. Kicked the asshole out and removed all his rubbish message on my chatter…
    Keep this up…

  2. THE TROUBLE ABOUT MALAYSIA THE PEOPLE THE PEOPLE. aiya.. lazy 2 read la.. i only read so u cibai owner better get some good stuffs 4 me 2 read yah =).


  3. It’s a funny thing to see many malaysian has small $*&^ and no gut at all to change what is wrong around them. Your blog could replace with those TVB, korean, or japan series really soon. Rather than ranting, bitching in the blog, why not go join the opposition or establish political party and fight. Look at Anwar, he’s on ISA, when release, he’s not ranting over the internet, he’s fight like a man. He got respect from many people(bumi or not) despite keadilan break up. Probably there are no non bumi heroes yet could compare to him. but he showed to the world how to fight . Globally, there’s a lot of person like him, Nelson Mandela, Syu ki, Eva Hermann, Osama bin Laden etc etc. Why just ranting over here, go out there fight like a man. (just dont follow the terrorist way, fight in true ways). MALAYSIAN POLITIC SUCKS, PROBABLY YES(depend on individual), BUT GO OUT THERE AND CHANGE IT, RANTING OVER INTERNEY ABOUT IT, NO, COZ THAT WHAT A COWARD SMALL )(*& WOULD DO. Look at Lim Kit Siang, he’s not only write over the internet, he’s voice could be heard in every corner of our country….and he use his name too on his blog. What a brave….

  4. “Distribution of wealth made possible
    under these policies is crucial not only for the bumiputeras who are doing badly but also for those non-bumiputeras who are still suffering from poverty and do not have educational opportunities,”
    he said.

    Pale Buto ler engko KJ!

  5. Malaysia has not progressed as fast or as far as it should have. There are numerous reasons. Everyone knows of the many reasons. My opinion is that Malaysians need to be more aware of what is happening around them, everyone and not just one race. We need to wake up from our slumber and vote for the right people. Maybe it is not good for one single party to be so strong. Maybe healthy competitions are neccessary. Look at other countries for lessons. For the brave and brilliant and those who think they have a future in politics, go by all means, join the political parties and excel. But for others, foremost, please be prepared and vote wisely. Yes, reading helps. So read and talk about things. No need to get all worked up. But at the end of the day, do vote wisely, people of Malaysia for the sake of our country and our children.

  6. If only he himself can behave in the public! he is f**k*** lame, joker and best of all bollywo….od actor! We are living in year 2007! mr.sin ka lan!!!! we chinese is not stupid! we knew what we should know. don’t push us to the wall, or else you will have to pay a heavy price for your action! I love malaysia only if it’s truly MALAYSIA! A miss manage of public’s money, corruption, double standard….can we be a develop nation? I doubt it as I can’t see any future in Malaysia! Sad to say that, but that’s what i feel,see and forsee!

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