Cibalang Play with 419 scam : Part 2

Scam Part 2:

“stella koussi”

Dearest Cibai,

I am very happy to read your mail and to hear that you are willing to assist me.yeah 🙂Yes we will first communicate and know each other very well and I suppose to tell you more about me.I also need words of assurance from you and after that I will tell the bank to transfer the money to you and after the transfer I come over.
I want to tell you more about me, my parents were both citizens of Cote-d’ivoire and lived here before their death, they were Cocoa farmers and earned so much from their farm when they were aliveThey don’t even exist. I have no other persons left if except my uncle,who have not been fair with me since the death of my father, all he care about is selling my father’s properties saying that i am a little girlyeah, little girl so won’t know what to do with those things, when i tried to protest, he started threatening me bad and beating me and send me out of family house, that is why i am hidding in a church house in the outskirt of the town where he cannot know my wayabout until i leave this country. My contact number is +225 04 34 22 44 and i will like you to email the pastor because I will tell him about you this evening,his email address is and his phone number is +22507917388 incase if you want to call him.

The good things that happened to me is that Uncle Samuel are not aware of this sum of money left in the bank, I shall give you the contact of the bank and send to you some other documents of the deposit for your perusal upon your immediate reply. You would have handle everything about the investment while I further my education in any good school over there, I don’t know about schools over there, your recomendation of any good school for me will be the best.

You should understand that I have no intentions of delaying this matter anylonger, I want to come over to your country as soon as possible.Please one very important thing i need from you is for you assure me that you will be honest with me and trusthworthy to me since this is the only thing that left for me to continue my life as a normal human beeing so please i need to hear your words of assurance in your next mail.After that we can move on to the next step concerning the transfer.

I hope to hear from you soon and do not forget to include your telephone number so i can call you and hear your voice,
Regards Stella

Hear my voice, ya, i will give u a number, and lets see how u continue to play this scamming game, she claims that she is a young girl, but the words in the email certainly don’t look like one………

ok, now for the techy part.
you wanna know if the person is sending the email from the claimed cote divoire?
well, first of all, you need to know what is an email header

the email header looks like this

mail header

click here to view full

using a free service on the net,

you can trace the header of the email and where it originated from.

message flow

ok, he has proven his or her location is indeed cote divoire, so lets continue playing with him/her.

Here comes my short reply

Hi Stella

it’s good that you tell more about you. So how old are you and what grade are u in at school? what languages do you speak? I’m so sorry to hear that you have to live in the hiding and luckily there’s someone over there that can take care of you. God Bless You two.

I will email the pastor shortly, my number is +65xxxxxxxx. Please call me at around 10:30 GMT +8 if you would.

Thanks & God Bless

Cibai Lang

this is my email to the fake pastor


Hi there

I am referred to you by Stella, who is living under your care at present. Stella asked me to write to you and I would like to know u personally too.

I believe Stella is in a very dangerous situation right now. So please do take good care of her. I would like to hear from you too, if it’s ok with you, can you please call me at my number at +65xxxxxxxx GMT+8 10:30 pm

thanks & god bless

cibai lang

Let’s wait and see.

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