Limpek don’t like to read n write this kinda thing: Johor crime

Sometimes cibailang really doesn’t like to write this kinda thing, but today limpek really beh tong after reading more from the online newspaper.

Few days ago, my mum called me up for a small chat as usual (ya know la.. limpek so far away from mama n sometimes she misses me n limpek misses her also ma, rite?) one of the topics that she raised was that the recent crimes which are the rob n rape cases that happened in Johor. She knows that i always go to Johor with my gf and she is kinda worry about that (ya know ma.. everyday the newspaper keeps on talking about johor’s crime and they all living in the north how to know the
actual thing in the south? wei~ southern Malaysia is about 10 hours by bus to Penang, it’s quite far, ok?) So I calmed her by saying that: don’t worry la.. i just received one sms from gf’s cousin talking about the rape case happened not near to JB town, it’s quite far, coz that sms was talking about Pontian which is about 3 hours from my previous Uni and of coz another 45mins from JB. So she was finally calmed n of course she asked me to becareful as usual.

After the phonecall, limpek just checked the news loh since it’s quite HOT ma, manatau I found out another case happened in Tampoi, hey, it’s quite near to JB leh.. not far away, n not only a case but a few cases!!! Quite shocking, limpek staying in this small island, really no read Malaysia newspaper at all.. really damn cibai… somemore was carhijack and raped pregnant woman.. kanne! Limpek tulan liao!!! And limpek think back what I had read from the sms talking about Malaysian Police forces thing, really made limpek angry about the god damn reaction of them (of coz their slowliness and the lack of attention to these kinda cases la.. this is not the first time, n of course limpek don’t like to bring up the racial portion which is always emphasized also, n limpek quite agree with what u all can see in the redbox – picture below. Ok loh since our MCA ppl already said so liao~ no racial attack loh, good intention also, at least calm the public by diverting their attention to focus only the crime instead of racial issue) Also after reading from the internet, limpek realized that the first case was not actually happened in Pontian as ‘reported’ by the SMS but it was happened at Gelang Patah which is quite near to Second Link!!! WahLan eh.. also near to JB leh!!!

johor rape

Click here to see it clearer

And over the weekend, limpek visited JB together with gf as usual, kanne, limpek never looked back everytime visited there but this time limpek really careful n looked here n there especially to those ppl that tailed us. Very kiasi, if limpek alone sure no prb la.. but limpek is bringing a cha bor.. and I heard also about the petition from my aunt as I visited her during the last weekend which I also finally felt the so-called ‘petition atmosphere’ on my way back from JB, that a guy standing in the middle of the crowd asking me to sign something by just saying: “hey, lai lai lai! Sign here sign here!” Then of course i just walked away la.. n he said: “come sign la~ wahlau eh!!!”. I just walked away n said to my gf wat the fuck I know is that, u dont even tell me what is that! A scam or anything? Anyway, both of us think that it must be the petition stuff which u all can read in the bluebox in picture above. After back to SG, I called my mum again talking about the petition stuff, and she told me there is also another ONLINE PETITION, which asking us to put our IC number which I lagi don’t really like to do this. Yeah, giving out our IC wor~ like that man just a sign is ok la.. anyway, just asking me to sign without a telling me a reason is NO WAY for me, sorry about that, man.

Anyway, u guys can read more also (i think similiar news) from this link The New Straits Times Online. Similiar sentense as I read from the Mediacorp news online.. don’t know who quoted who also, anyway the purpose is the same, which is to raise public concern.

Some words to cibai rapist

Try to imagine what if your wife or your 6 year-old daughter kena kongkek, kena gang banged? Or your 80 year-old grandma so old liao also kena raped? Sure you don’t like, right? Macibai leh! If you don’t like then don’t rape ppl’s daughter!!! Fuck you! I hope you will think twice before committed anything! You want money then just take it but don’t you rape your victims, and also don’t rob always coz it won’t last long! Go and find a job in or The Star or even Berita Harian, if kenot go buy Nanyang SP, Sin Chew or China Press! Don’t go and Rob plus rape other ppl!

Kan ninna lu mak cau cibai, anak haram puki mak hang kena kongkek, tiew nia ma kor cau hai, burit mak hang kena kongkek lagi, lanciao butuh pak hang tak de, i harap-harapkan hang dihukum Hukum Udut, tau tak pe dia? Where is your akhlak? Anak haram barua babi jadah!

Some words to cibailang readers

Hope you all can be extra careful not only to protect yourselves but also to protect your family, especially to those with girlfriends. Please please please, be extra careful! Not only in Johor Bahru but also other places in Malaysia.

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