Cibalang Play with 419 scam : Part 3 : Stella starts to talk

I wanna highlight to you this scammer is indeed not so professional.
Let’s see why she isn’t.

The 3rd email came back :

Dearest Cibai,

I ask the pastor if he has hear from you but he say no.Please contact the pastor.I will try and call you.

and so i called the pastor’s phone number, but no one answered.
so i turned to call the other number that i have. stella’s.

yeah, i didn’t call, but now i shall call and see how u sound like. are u really a little girl as claimed.. if you didn’t follow us, please read the first two posts in category Scams.

and so i called

stella : hello
cibailang : hello
s : hello
c : can i speak to stella
s : ya, this is stella
c : hi stella, im from singapore (i don’t wanna talk bout my name coz i wanted her to recall names)
s : just call 5 minutes, 5 minutes ok, im i… (she’s shocked?)
c : why
s : i am in the market,just call me in 5 minutes ok

cibai, you call yourself living in the hiding, and yet you can go to market… can hear kids somemore……this scammer seems to be not so pro after all.

after 5 minutes

s : hello (havent started recording)
c : hello
s : ya
c : ya stella, this is from singapore, u know who am i?
s : from where?
c : singapore
s : ok …where are u calling from?
c : singapore
s : ok singapore
c : singapore
s : ok
c : singapore
s : ok (i wonder how many times this cibai stella has to say ok????)c : you,… your pastor will call me, right?
s : ya
c : so when u do you call me, do u have my phone number?
s : ok ok u write your phone in my email , ok (3 oks!)
c : i already emailed to u , u have not read the email ? (if you treat your scam victims like real customers, then u should remember what u sent out, prollie she receives hundreds of people’s emails everyday, i’m just another Singapore ‘VICTIM’)
s : ok have u sent it there?
c : ya, i sent it there
s : ok, im im on my way right now ok
c : ok, youre with who?
s : pardon
c : youre with anyone right now? (just wanna know if she is really so pityfull, live in the hiding, seems like she is very free to roam around. )
s : no no im single (fuck, i am not asking you this kind of question!)
c : how old are u, how old are u? since u claim u r a young girl
s : im 18 years now
c : you need to go home, talk to u later bye boring, anyone would know this cibai stella is a fake, no challenge, lets see if she tries to call later….
s : thank you bye. bye bye

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