World Cyber Games in KL

last week, went to KL.
met up with fren at Coffee Bean KLCC and proceeded to KL Convention Center.

So me and my few cibai lang friends went to see if we can get any freebies. Wah, so syiok, got Ragnarok Online Freebie competition. No need to think and wait lah, just play, even tho I never play that game.

My fren, Spatula Lim is very tulan because i won a freebie in the contest. I think we are the oldest among the bunch of kids there, besides the host, who could be around our age lah. They only won tissue paper, yeah, just tissue paper. Another Cibai fren got Twisties. At least he got twisties lah

this is my prize : the RO figurine

My Figurine

this is my friend’s prize : tissue paper, notice the Ragnarok logo?

tissue paper

but my prize did not come easy, need to pluck a white hair, show my socks in front of the crowd (aiya, 3 days didn’t wash lah, a bit black, kena tiew by the MC, cibai….). Anyway, winning is fun 🙂 and I like my figurine!!

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