cibailang is back

aiya, after a month + layoff…too busy lah kn
now cbl is back in action, wanna talk cock and cibai things liao.

went to 2 World Cyber Games, not to play games, but to see leng luis and get some freebies, in case there’s any.

in WCG @ Sg, went with my bro, L3st3
r, a DOTA freak who has got no interest in studying. Went there and saw Malaysia winning the FIFA 2006 competition. Using England, he beat the Brazilian team controlled by a competitor from China.

World Cyber Games Singapore

Then I saw these bunch of funny people dressing up as StarWars or in French La guerre des e’toilles, if my French memory serves me right. One Cibai guy who has got no facial expression at all.

World Cyber Games 2

World Cyber Games 3 ~

Don’t think they are freaks, these funny people dressed up in these funny costumes get all the attention, even the girls/models queued up to strike pose with them, lucky cibaikias. 😛 — Wish I can be just like them…

After their parade, the DOTA finals started, I didn’t know what DOTA is anyway, so I just left, saw a bunch of teens doing a crappy dance routine, damn cibai performance, so left there early. Go back sleep.

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