Toilets in BangKok

A collection of cool toilet pics. =)

Female Toilet Pics

Female Toilet 1

Female Toilet 2

Female Toilet 3

Male Toilet Pics

Male Toilet 1

Male Toilet 2

Male Toilet 3

I believe if a guy sees a girl in the toilet, the reaction varies from guy to guy, some will flaunt their thing and spray to the point of the camera. Some will just be so shy that they will quickly finish the job off or worse, the urine might just get back in to the bladder, reverse suction from the internal body.

And on the other hand, if a guy is in the female toilet and a girl/girls are in the toilet, i’m sure that the guy will land in the security guard’s room facing detention and probably he will be sent to the police office…. See the difference guys?

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