Pigeons — Bird Catching

As a kid living in a small town in Malaysia. Feeding pigeons is one of my childhood activities. Last month, I went back home and I fed the pigeons. One thing I knew about feeding pigeons was, you just need to throw the ‘Gandum’, wheat? Whatever we call it, i throwed some grains on the road and immediately birds from don’t know where will come and start eating the grains. Yeah, grain should be the right word for this case, since I don’t know what the hell is gandum in english.

The feeling of feeding these feathered creatures is just so fun, pigeons are normally fed by the caretakers, priests of a Hindu temple. I always see a lot of pigeons ‘hanging out’ at Hindu Temples, whether it’s on the roof top or the entrance of the Hindu Temple. You’ll never fail to see pigeons wandering around out of the temple. I remembered as a kid, me and my brothers/sister will catch pigeon using a rattan woven basket, a stick, and a rafia string. We’d make a booby trap to trap the birds.

Bird Catching

Actually we learned it from another neighbour, the neighbour sells chicken feed and other grains as well, so they also like to feed the birds. The reason is because sometimes when the gunny sack or the Paper Packing of the grains were bitten by mousey mouse, so normally you will see some of the feed on the floor, some can be recovered, and those which you can’t recover, you will actually throw it away. So instead of throwing it away, we will actually use it to feed all kinds of birds. So that’s how the hobby of feeding birds came by.

Back to catching. As a small kid, we managed to catch a few, but we didn’t harm the birds, we did it just for fun.

This is a pic of the pigeons in fron of my house.


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