i wanna fly

was halfway through kiki’s delivery service, 魔女の宅急便 a very warm cartoon about a little 13 year old apprentice witch named Kiki who used her flying skills (on a broom) to deliver goods to people in a remote town. In the story, 13 year old witches must serve a 1 year training or apprenticeship before graduating as a full witch.  If you have the chance, go watch it. I bought the DVD and enjoyed every single moment of it.

There’s this 宅急便 service in Japan and Taiwan and they got the mascot of the black cat after the cartoon got popular.jiji the cat

kikis delivery service
kiki's delivery service

well, what i wanna show u today is not the cartoon, but instead is a series of photos taken by a Thai guy trying to ‘FLY’ on the broom. Well, im not gonna write more, just click and see how he attempted to do this feat. 😉


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