Chat Bots and u

On the internet, not ony humans exist, apart from us, human beings, another kind of digital lifeform exists, they are aptly called BOTs or short for Robots.

Bots will do a lot of wonderful things, they can chat with u, Yes, they do chat with u.

Log into IRC, and u can see a lot of bots in unmoderated channels, popular channels. Why do people care to create bots? How do u create these bots? Well, for a start, a bot is created by techies or scripters and sometimes depending on their inclination, we can even call them hackers, but not all people attain such statuses, so we call them programmers for a start.

So why do they create the bots?

Here is one reason, they want u to be conned into their site and then sign up for their services.

For instance, yesterday while logging in to MSN messenger, i suddenly received a friend request from a strager, and after adding ‘it’ , the first thing the bot talked to me was on how horny she is, well, the bot is impersonating as a girl,and trying to talk dirty to u, so that u will actually click on the link and then purchase things from its site.

The site i’m talking is always a sexually related site. Whether it’s a cam site where they promise they would show u live girls performing lewd acts which appeals well to most straight male crowd out there, or other porn sites. The images they use on their sites are normally very very vey ahem… sexy, breathtaking, alluring,  and 引人犯罪. More often that not, I will proceed to click on the images as they are really damn sexy and as a str8 man, I will go on and click them even though i know it’s fake… Anyways, the idea of writing this article is, or the moral of this story is, don’t think u will get lucky and have sexy girls adding u and tell you that they feel lonely, horny ….. or whatsoever even though the horoscope or the luck prediction of the Chinese new year says that you will have 桃花运this year. Things aren’t so easy …

So next time someone knocks on your msn or whatever, and the first few sentence in the conversation sounds similar to something like this

hi babe, hi dear, hi sexy,

i feel horn/naughty/bitchy/hot/ ….

i wanna show u on cam

i’m gonna send u the link, but please don’t let other people know because i only want u to know about this link.

all will lead to a final aim for the bot : conversion (converting the bot’s chat into cash payment and account sign up)

So all of u out there. Beware 🙂

Now for some eye candy. hehe

sexy girls exposed butt

sexy girls exposed
sexy girls exposed
sexy girls exposed butt

sultry lips

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