Introducing Cyril Takayama – The Master Illusionist

Today, i wanna share with you guys out there about a magician who is so so so cool. Well, his name is Cyril takayama.
If you don’t know who Cyril Takayama is, it’s time to get to know him, he is really a master illusionist and he certainly kicks ass. 🙂 Check him out on youtube and his marvelous tricks that will certainly make u wonder how the hell he does that.
Some excerpts bout him:
Cyril Takayama (born in 1973), a Japanese/French American illusionist and a member of Magic X Live or better known as T.H.E.M , performs his stunning illusion leaving his audiences speechless…
Save the link below if u wanna download the movie to your hard drive.


Enjoy and ciao!

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