A Very Cibai Fund Raising Event

How would you have a fundraiser for HIV virus and AIDS?

Do it the Japanese way!

You might ask, HOW?

Let me give you a clue. It is closely related to sex.

Need more hint?

Ok, here’s the answer, it’s the infamous Japanese Adult Video (AV) girls.

How did they contribute in the event, one might ask.
Well, for a start, AV girls are porn stars, and they enjoy very high social status in Japan. They are like celebrities! And their resume would boast statistics like their figure, how many gangbangs they acted in etc etc.

And with all these great ‘qualities’ that they have. What better than to utilize their natural born abilities and assets for a goo cause — Fund raising for AIDS?

Armed with godly figures that make all men drooling, and enthusiastic female Japanese girls’ voices, these girls offered a ‘service’ – letting men grab their buttocks and boobs for 1,000 yen. You might wonder how many times u get to grab for that amount of money, to answer your query, it’s 5 times. Which comes to 200 Yen a full grab. (I’m thinking, that’s not so bad after all, doing something for a good cause. :> ) Wish this part of the world is as open-minded B)

Besides letting men grabbing their butts and boobs, the actresses also tried to auction off items at the charity event. The girls auction off artificial holes which mimics the sensation of sex. The item was sold together with a kind of lubricant too! Call that sensational kind of marketing!

Besides the grabbing and the auctions, men were also treated to a feast of eating Tofu marinated with the actress’ urine (pee). There was an initial idea of using actress’ ‘milk’ or lactated Tofu. Well, this is to satisfy another group of Japanese customer who are famous for such Hentai acts and likings. Girl Pee and Milk fascinates a lot of men out there.

One thing that did not appear on this event was the activity where the AV girls help you to unload by giving a handjob (da fei gei, phak chui cheng) . The girls are ready, whenever the society needs a ‘hand’, they’re ready for it!

Great Job Girl! Cibailang salutes u!

japanese av girl cibai

japanese av girl cibai

japanese av girl cibai

japanese av girl cibai

Behold the sight of Japanese AV girl doing their part for the good of mankind!

japanese av girl cibai

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