Thousand Apologies From

Halo dear readers.

Long time no cibai post liao.

We were busy with projects.

Before March election, we created a site, just to get feedback from the public on what’s their opinion on the politicians and political scene in Malaysia. The site, if you know, is . We have introduced this before long time ago.

During the few months of inactivity, a lot of things happened to the authors of CBL.

Tulanling has become a father, as for me, i played with video making for 2 months until i lost on my way to Mount Kinabalu(boarding an Airashit plane) That baby cost me S$2000.

We also took a break from blogging and picked up new skills during the layoff.

Tulanling and I both learned new languages. Not foul language, but European languages.

Now, we have come up with another site, it’s an ever going project. The site is

well, it’s still in very early development phase, but we’d like to share with you guys.

So, do pay the site a visit. We’ll try to put in more features in it.

So till then, let’s see what happens this September 16.? If you know what I mean.


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