Celebrate Merdeka with Heroes …. ooops, no , with Marion at Vivo

31st Aug is Malaysia’s Merdeka or independence day, spent half day at Vivocity Singapore waiting for Heroes, waited like 2 hours for the heroes cast to arrive and they only appeared on stage for like 5 minutes, that’s such an uncool way to treat your fans, Heroes.

Anyway, got the chance to celebrate Merdeka with fellow Malaysian, Marion Caunter who was emceeing the event ‘Heroes World Tour’. And for one of the photo shoot with SiamCai, they shouted Merdeka instead of cheese. =) And Marion is HOT!!!

More to come on Heroes. I’m such a big fan that I took half day leave just to catch a glimpse of the Heroes!!

Me and Marion Caunter

Siamcai and Marion Caunter

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