Heroes Sightings in Singapore

Was at Vivo last week, noticed some Heroes fans, a few hundred Heroes Fans crammed at the Vivo City centre court, while some I’d say are real fans, there are some who apparently lost their mind somewhere and headed to the Heroes fanfare.

One guy was one of the 4 participants that if he/she wins, gets to have a photo session with the Heroes, and there’s one sore loser, the asshole of the day who told the crowd he doesn’ know how to Yell YATTA and complained that he is having sore throat. Yucks, and he deserved all the jeers from the crowd, everyone labelled him a loser, and I couldn’t agree more on that.

Another dumb guy was this, he wrote : ‘Sylar Stole My Power,Or I’d be Famous Too!’.
Dumb ass, if Sylar stole your power, you’d be dead. I wonder if he really watched Heroes at all????? See this for yourself.

dumb Heroes Fans

Enough on the mockery of those not-so-real-fans of Heroes. The Heroes map displays the locations where there are Heroes or rather human with special powers and Malaysia, Singapore as well as Hong Kong are pinned on the Map. So are we gonna have more asian Heroes besides Hiro Nakamura?

Heroes Map

And so happened that the pin on Singapore is a RED one. 🙂 Little Red Dot gets its own Hero!!!! Well, I do hope Malaysia will have its own Hero, coz everyone who reads political blogs know how F***** U* M’sia has become. Hero, come rescue us, Malaysians…..

Heroes From Malaysi, Singapore

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