My Son’s Also A Malaysian

Was in Cambodia with my Korean friend. While climbing up some wats, too many Wats, don’t remember which one, came down, it’s about noon and it’s scorching hot, so me and my travel mate thought of picking up some cold drinks at the stalls.

At the stall, we met Stan and his dad Benoit, a doctor from France. When they asked where are you from, and I said, ‘Malaysia’;

Oh Malaysia! The last time I went was like 18 years ago! …Blah blah blah….
Oh, my son’s also Malaysian!

Puzzled, I enquired further.

Why ? I thought you are French?
Yes, but he was made in a romantic night at a beach in Penang. In Malaysia!

Stan just nodded with a wide grin!

I answered, vey romantic indeed 😀

How nice is it to travel and talk to strangers. Luv every single moment of it!

Je vais aller a Paris!

drink and talk with french

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