Stupid and Annoying People

Everyday, you will meet some rather stupid character, today I met one, this guy is a dumbo who is trying to fill up an online form, asking what is the province, state, county, blah blah blah for Singapore, coz he needs to fill in the form and the form prompts him to fill up all details.

1. Postal address are used for the delivery of letters/mails/goods to a certain place and the purpose of Postal codes is to let the postal department sort the mails easily so that it can be sent to the receiver.

So if u r asked to fill in

Address 1
Address 2

how would u fill in?

bloody ass hole wasted my time. cibai. I shall not entertain this kind of ass holes next time. Ma cibai.

Just read the conversation below.

stupid asshole says (10:50 PM):

cibailang says (10:50 PM):

stupid asshole says (10:51 PM):
can do me a favour?

cibailang says (10:51 PM):

stupid asshole says (10:51 PM):
can get me some singapore address?
i juz wanna know the structure

cibailang says (10:51 PM):

stupid asshole says (10:55 PM):

cibailang says (10:56 PM):
xx hougang avenue x
Singapore 12345
this is mine

stupid asshole says (10:58 PM):
if wanna fill in the form
which on is address 1, which one is city and town?

cibailang says (10:59 PM):
cincai la
city put Singapore

stupid asshole says (11:00 PM):
no cincai, i wanna know for sure, that’s y i ask u la
if cincai then no need ask u la

fill in the form for singaporean
address 1:
address 2:

cibailang says (11:04 PM):
singapore itself is a city,state,town…

stupid asshole says (11:04 PM):
then u try ask the singaporean, how they fill in the form
address 1, address 2, city, state, postcode, country

cibailang says (11:05 PM):
Address 2 is in case your address is too long, so u write in two lines.

stupid asshole says (11:06 PM):
ok, for ur address, how to fill in?

cibailang says (11:08 PM):
as long as understand then alrea..
u put singapore as state, town, city

stupid asshole says (11:09 PM):
then everything put in address 1?

stupid asshole says (11:10 PM):
normal form is like that ma
like malaysia one also got

cibailang says (11:10 PM):

stupid asshole says (11:10 PM):
address 1: 123, jalan xxxx
address 2: taman xxxx

cibailang says (11:11 PM):
nop i tink like this let me help u using common sense 1st

stupid asshole says (11:11 PM):
ask singaporean better
ur common sense is nothing different with mine

cibailang says (11:12 PM):

stupid asshole says (11:16 PM):
other than postcode and singapore, everything else put in one line?

cibailang says (11:18 PM):

cibailang says (11:19 PM):
u arr juz use common sense la….as long as those who look the add understand where to deliever the things can edi…

stupid asshole says (11:19 PM):
i’m not going to post anything

cibailang says (11:20 PM):

stupid asshole says (11:20 PM):
i juz wanna know how to fill in the form

cibailang says (11:20 PM):
u juz fill lor

singapore itself is a city,state n town
so others u put in one line ppl will understan
even u put in 2 lines still can guess wat u mean..

stupid asshole says (11:21 PM):
this is not wat i want
if post, even u put everything in one line also can reach one
my answer for the question that i want is….
Q: wat is the proper way for a singaporean to fill in the form
cibailang says (11:25 PM):
then now u know edi lor

cibailang says (11:26 PM):
everything singapore……….then the rest put ur address

stupid asshole says (11:26 PM):
ok, that’s all

cibailang says (11:26 PM):
wat la u

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