something exposed during my poker game!!!

Hello guys and girls,

What is poker? Is poker so fun, you bet it is!

Recently i was in a poker session with ma friends and the game was great, except that the stakes are really high, taking off one’s clothes! Yes, that’s what we call strip poker!

When u win, u keep what u have (clothes) and when u lose, u start to take off what u have(clothes) Then u need to start playing some games, and in the end of the game, depending on u r winning or losing, u will need to do the following, winner takes all and loser takes off all (clothes, i mean!!!)

To describe the situation better, u can look at this pic!


anyway, cibailang is proudly to announce that we are teaming up with to bring u guys some real $$$$$$$ excitement!!! First u need to download a software from there and then u can install the game, fund your account and then u can start winning …. or losing, depending on how good or bad you are!!! Well, cibailang are gamblers, are u???

I don’t care, i just wanna see the girl naked!!!!!!

Let’s play some game, ok? See u there!

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