cibai exposed in the bakery

cibai cake

Let’s see the cake or pastry, I wish i have a girl friend who works as a pastry chef, so I can eat this kind of pastry everyday.

Looking at the pastry with a dash of cream on the right, it would have tasted like heaven, even for a man! One thing I would suggest to the chef is to create multiple flavours for the cake, it can be dark chocolate, cocoa, banana flavour and also maybe she can have a layer of icing sugar or sugar paste that makes the cake whiter.. Just my two cents.

Another option I would like to have for the cake is to have a version without the chocolate on top. I would certainly welcome a version that is without the dash of chocolate on top. That would be good for those who don’t prefer to have chocolate and like to have plain taste. Smelling it would be such a nice feeling for those who like to smell the plain vanilla, or banana flavor and not the dash of chocolate.

I would also prefer one with a smaller opening, and the hole at the bottom should be concealed as I don’t like the design with such a big hole. The pastry chef could have sold more of this design if he designed it with a smaller opening.

Probably the rose can be taken off. Just an opinion.

Cibailangers out there, any ideas?


6 thoughts on “cibai exposed in the bakery

  1. you dont need to have a girl who works at a bakery for you to eat that kind of pastry everyday…

    if you got a girl …you still can eat her pastry everyday regardless she works in a bakery 😀

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