Toilet Paper – Some History on it

Before starting this topic, I would like to thank the Chinese for inventing paper, for without paper, there will not be toilet paper to modern man and indeed, toilet paper is such an important invention of all time! Cheers to the ancient chinese for inventing this!!!

To begin with the history, the first time toilet paper usage was recorded in the Imperial supplies in China, which began producing toilet paper for the emperor in 1391,thinking bout this, if we go back to ancient times with a toilet roll in hand, we are actually King-like, like royalty!!! The paper was made in sheets (not shits) measuring 24 x 36 inches!! wow, did ancient ppl have larger butts?

Before the introducion of purpose-made tissue or paper, people made do with was was at hand, so to speak, newspaper and catalogue pages were used in Western countries in more recent times, but a variety of other methods have been identified :

  • During the middle ages, “gompf” sticks (a kind of scraper) were used, as wre hay, grass, and leaves
  • The vikings used discarded wool
  • Ancient Romans used a sponge soaked in salt water, fixed to the end of a short stick, or wool and rose water
  • French royalty used lace or hemp (the cannabis plant, especially when grown
    for fibre. )
  • Eskimos used moss and snow

Toilet Paper History Timeline

Toilet Paper

This is the right way to put your toilet paper, it should always face out and not inside. Remember folks! The most basic stuff u should know!

toilet paper and toothbrush

It was not until paper began to be mass produced in large,cheap quantities that it was introduced commercially for this use. Capitalism is good, otherwise you’d still be using sticks and roll some cotton and stick it into your asshole.

Hail the toilet paper as I self-proclaim May as the month of Toilet Roll, to remember how important the toilet paper has been towards human civilization! The next time you use a toilet paper, say thank you to it! It’s actually doing the worst possible job in the world (and the dirtiest), without complainig much!!!!

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