The small red dot will host f1 in 2008

The small red dot will host f1 in 2008

congr8 spore! finally u brought f1 here. and it cool 2 have a night street race! the 1st in f1 history man! even the great michael schumacher miss this 1st ever night street race! may b he will come back from his retirement just 4 this race… ha ha.. like real!

heard the race will be held at the street around marina bay and esplanet area. not sure about the racing track and race ticket. but that area have many skyscraper offices. those working there may have a chance to watch 4 FREE! but the cilaka thing is that it is a night race! so may not be seen from far!

f1 attracted me since college time. that time was not really hitz yet! malaysia hadn’t hosted it yet. but Petronas already sponsor Sauber team! not sure why i am interested into it! may be the f1 babes r so chun!

i witnessed the battle between michael schumacher against mika hakkinen on my 1st f1 season. i m sure not many ppl know who is hakkinen! he is from nokialand.. finland 2b precise! that was the last time McLaren Mercedes won the championship.

From then the red Ferrari getting stronger and stronger. After no one else can beat Schumacher and Ferrari the sport become boring. Until the cibai Alonso and the Renault outclass them two seasons ago! Last year Ferrari rebound and the fierce fight between them and Renault begin. The sport become interesting again!

This season cibai Alonso moved to McLaren and Schumacher retired from the sport. The new battle begin. Now is four way fight between cibai Alonso, Hamilton, Massa and Raikonen. Ha ha.. really nice 2 see more drivers fighting for championship =)

Just in case u r new 2 f1. Here r some few tips:
1. Starting. Lotsa drama during starting. may have some drama due to some accidents over the 1st corner.
2. 1st pit stop. This pit stop will determine how much fuel load gone into the car and thus can predict the race strategy of the driver.
3. The last lap. Of coz nobody gonna miss it especially those who watch it from the start of the race! If u really out of time u can time from the starting grid. Normally the each race will be last abt 1 hr and 1/2!

oh ya, hope f1 can bring some girl drivers 2! so that the sport will become more fun and interesting!

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