How To Fail Sejarah The Easy Way in SPM

Last time in secondary school, cibailang -N 3 L- veli lazy, never like to study History, but always excel in drawing class. One day, when SPM trial exam came and he has to take the exam, but ‘cham looo’, he never study before the exam, so instead of tulis karangan or esei sejarah, he answered the sejarah paper using a more expressive way, something which needs more than just menghafal or memorize the stupid facts on tamadun this tamadun that, cibai civilization crap, he end up doin this to as answer in the history paper.

Wheel Of Misfortune

To express his knowledge on Perang Salib (Crusade), Cibailang -N 3 L- answered his history with another drawing. This time it incorporates some latest developments on world politics as well to his drawin.

Osama Jihad Pic

Even Osama Agrees with Cibailang… kekeke

8 thoughts on “How To Fail Sejarah The Easy Way in SPM

  1. it’s trial only lah

    that’s why you get to see the results with the red markings.

    it’s really fucking good shit, well, only Malaysians will understand this post !!

  2. ha ha.. wrong clue la!! shud b “Something NICE abt history!”… no wonder u got “JUMPA SAYA” in d end =)

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