Henshin Demo using Osim Slimming Belt (Black)

Today limpek finally found something that limpek had researched for quite some time about Kamen Rider (baja hitam) n really hope this info useful to every baja hitam fans.

Limpek found out the reason of Kotaro Minami changed (henshin) into Kesatria Baja Hitam (Kamen Rider Black). I am not so good at expressing in words, just look at the picture below for henshin sequence done by Kotaro.
Kotaro Minami Henshin Sequence

Yeah!! As a picture speaks a thousand words, I don’t think I have to explain why Kotaro Minami was able to change into Kamen Rider Black: That’s right, He was using the Osim Slimming belt!!! See below for the zooming if uncleared in the picture.

Osim Henshin Slimming Belt Click Here

Kotaro Minami with Osim Henshin Belt Click Here!!! You will like it as a fans ^^

4 thoughts on “Henshin Demo using Osim Slimming Belt (Black)

  1. Ahahahahahaha… Baja Hitam using Osim belt. That’s the funniest shit I’ve read so far.. hahahaha..

    Good job on the photo editing. 😛

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