cibailang’s Elmo in the office

Show u my Elmo in the office

My elmo likes to pose in the office, everyday you can see him posing differently

This is one of his favourite pose, lying on da beach.

This one is also lying on da beach, but wearing undies.

Elmo is very serious guy at office, he reads a lot and he is very good in Java. See how focused he is !


But sometimes he likes to take a puff or two, his favourite motto is ‘Life’ unfair, live with it’


Well, when life’s unfair and you can’t beat it, sometimes you just need to sit down, lay back, enjoy the music and have a drink!


Live you life to the fullest!!!

9 thoughts on “cibailang’s Elmo in the office

  1. Ya lah. Wait from 1st day of CNY till almost ChapGohMeh now still no single cibai exposed pixs. Should change name to cibai hidden liao lor. Me go see real cibai(s) liao. Chao.

  2. Lan eh.. now is new year… dun worry.. u will see more cibai pix after chinese new year.. we now talk all about cny stuff

  3. hi…
    tnx 4 viewing my friendster…
    nweiz,how r u?hpe u’ll find..
    ok bye..
    olweiz take care…


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