cibailang art project for chinese new year

Chinese new year is coming soon, less than 3 weeks from today.

Talking about Chinese New Year, Mandarin Oranges is something not to be missed. It’s a culture to give the oranges to your friends and relatives who visit you during CNY.

And so with an abundance of these oranges, and most of the time we don’t even finish them all, we’ve come up with an idea to make an art project for CNY out of these oranges.

Here goes.

Today, we are going to make an art project, with the theme, Merry Merry CNY.

First, you need an orange, a mandarin orange.
Mandarin Orange

Next, you need another orange, one bigger or smaller than the first one by about 30%.
ORange  2

Next up, u need some pins, and maybe some paperclip.


One important thing to spice up our art project, is a Permanent Marker Pen, preferably Artline (been using that and it’s really good)

Ok. Now for the steps for the project,

it’s so easy that there’s no steps involved. Just see the end results.



Happy Chinese New Year

Have fun with the project!:))B)B)

16 thoughts on “cibailang art project for chinese new year

  1. Phui….. Thanks god, it’s a snowman-wannabe CNY mandarin-orange man. Thought you are going to show us something undecent (such as add a banana to the 2 oranges, or stuck the two oranges into…)

    To protect my 8-year-old nephew, I even ‘quick-quick’ chased him out of my computer room. Sorry for being over-paranoid 😛

    Very creative indeed.

    BTW, beware may say this is plagiarism of the Christmas snowman (as what he did to KennySia)

  2. that’s the tattoo on the orange, not SM lah, i’m not gay mah, i’m straight,so i don’t do SM to male Orange Snowman……


    Happy CNY ANYway

  3. u really got him shoes?? haha… cool! so is it on display ard your house or office now?
    I think it’s very useful too. Can act as paperweight, new year decoration, or fill your stomach when you’re hungry.

  4. I havent come to for sometime, seems like got a new look wer…very nice all the CNY feel. ^___^
    Anyway, wish you all tulan ppl Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!!

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