cibailang and chain letters

Do u ever get Chain e-mails, claiming that you’ll actually be richer, happier, the one you always dreamt of will finally love you or at least put an eye on you?

To me, when ever I see this headline, Forward this to N number of friends and you will ..blah blah blah…. (endless promises, all things adults crave for)

or else

you will be cursed with bad luck, you will become poor, the one you love will never even look at you and more endless blah blah blahdeeness.

and most of the time, it starts with this …


after a few years of ups and downs, highs and lows, I begin to think, whether my life is so damn fucking crappy because of the fact that I never even FORWARD these MAILS? Lucky Lucky Chain Mails? Lucky lucky love?

Well, the fact is, I don’t even get these fucking chain mails anymore. No one wants me to get any of these luck, PERHAPS.

So what’s lucky anyway? What’s lucky in today’s life? Getting a car park on a busy weekend at the favouritest shopping mall in the town? Getting 10k a month when you don’t even qualify for it (I wish I can have this)? Getting a place to sit at the foodcourt at 12:30pm? Never get backstabbed by anyone in the office? Or rather, winning TOTO first prize when in fact you only bet $1? Winning a poker Bet when you went all in with a 2 and 3 ?

Luck, as vague as it seems, come in many forms, but nothing above seems to be on my side or maybe on your side… So what were the odds of sending your much hated chain letters?

To Send or Not to Send?

I’m not trying to start off a Cibailang chain letter where I promise that every guy who forwards this cibailang chain letter will eventually get 10 cibais back.

But back to my main question, should I actually forward these chain emails to my friends years ago? Will it be able to reverse all my misfortunes ????

REMEMBER, as the mails claimed


The only thing I can find solace in, is that I actually found a scapegoat for all my past ‘MISFORTUNES’? That I can put a blame on these chain mails?

In this world, no one is promise of luck by just forwarding 10 mails or worse, 50 mails. To the network admin, you’re just contributing to SPAM. You actually accumulate luck by doing things right. Do the right decisions and make all the right moves.

But a simple forwarding is not that harmful, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll rethink about this chain mail thingy. Maybe It will really bring you love, gold and luck ???

5 thoughts on “cibailang and chain letters

  1. I was quite of surprise that this is not a cibai theme post until I read this “I’m not trying to start off a Cibailang chain letter where I promise that every guy who forwards this cibailang chain letter will eventually get 10 cibais back.” Haha.

    Chain Letter gives hopes to people, esp. people who can’t help themselves and who have no clue on how to run their life. Chain Letter also make use of the Pain and Pleasure (Heaven and Hell), ‘Do it and you go the Heaven, Don’t do it and you go to hell’. So most people will not hesitate to forward it.

    I never forward it once in my life but I receive plenty of them. It just never make any sense for me.

  2. to Lanciao Hidden,
    what a nice nick 🙂

    who say cannot zhu nian xing da yun?

    see cibai can make ppl get bad luck meh?

  3. to cibaiyap,

    ya, i also neva forward these crappy chain letters to ppl, coz most of my friends, like u won’t like seeing all these mails flying around their mail boxes. 🙂

    anyway, to me, chain letter doesn’t give hope sincerely, but it sounds more like a threat …

  4. i am always the CHAIN breaker too! All chain letters stopped at my point. If u forward to others, says 10 ppl, then 10 x 10 = 100, it’s multiplying.. kinda stupid for me.

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