Wahahhahaha… an cua everybody??? How r u guys? Long time no c na~ Limpek is back again to bring some joy to u all today, even limpek’s simcheng (mood) not so good coz just back from Genting Highlands, coz limpek went there to pay annual roadtax to Uncle Lim. If u guys have forgotten about Uncle Lim, check this out Uncle Lim is Genting Highlands founder.

However, as mentioned just now, limpek promised to bring u guys some joy right? Here limpek show u all some pictures taken while limpek at First World Hotel Genting Highlands.

Hotel foyer of First World Hotel.

Another picture taken from genting.com.my.

Of course limpek not only wanna show u the hotel foyer pictures, coz this is not cibailang’s act. Cibailang sure show u all keat-keat (powerful) pictures one. Let me show u all the photos taken in the hotel room.

Picture #1, sorry too closed, kinda blur… -______-”

Picture #2, i think this is better, clearer, πŸ™‚

Picture #3, closer + clearer, ssshhhhhh, dun forward these pictures to anybody ya~ this is privacy.. just to share with cibailang’s fans.

scroll down

do not stop scrolling

Oppsss.. i’d forgotten to bring my Gillette.. no wonder i pay roadtax this year. πŸ™

Wahhahaha…. gotcha!!! Do i? ^^ This picture taken when i got back.. see.. longer dy

*** Offensively + cibaily + mischievously + creatively created by TulanLing (wahhahahah)