Sometimes when we say I don’t give a fuck, it actually means I don’t give a damn or in Cantonese ‘Ngo mm diu chat lei’ 我不吊七你 or in Hokkien ‘Kan lu pun sui’ 干你都衰, which if being translated directly would mean the same as I don’t give a fuck.

Why can we equate the word fuck to the word care?

For example, when we say I don’t give a fuck, it means I don’t care.

So we can actually say, give a fuck = care , so when you offer a fuck to anyone that you like, it’s an act of love and it actually means that I care for you!!!

The same goes to the Cantonese version, ngo mm diu chat lei, or Hokkien, kan lu pun sui, which actually means I don’t care in Cantonese/Hokkien.

So next time when u go out there and you like someone, spread the love baby… spread the world with love and peace, say FUCK YOU proudly as this is the best word and I mean the best word to express that you care for someone…. Say FUCK YOU¡¡on Valentines Day to show that you actually care. When you fuck, you care!

SPREAD THE FUCK YOU word today!!!!

12 thoughts on “I FUCK Because I CARE

  1. I hate to burst your bubble but thats not how the phrase works. Whenever they say “I dont give a fuck/damn” means that the care SO LITTLE about something, that they wouldnt even want to fuck/damn it.

  2. This post can’t be classified as classy or intelligent. Dude, there’s not a lot of places you can say “fuck you”, especially if you want to be respected, or improve yourself.

    Try saying that to your boss, or your customer, or in a nice hotel.

  3. dude… just dont fuck wat the fuck cibaiHuat is posting here…
    come on~ be cool man.. let me bring u guys some joy.. see my next post

  4. khi hor lang kan laaaa….mean let your self to be love by others?

    Khi hor kow kan…..let yourself beloved by a dog

    so that is a compliment, now bad should use it more often

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