2 weeks of Rain

The recent heavy downpour has made the lives of thousands of people in this part of the world a hard one. At least seven were killed in Johor due to the flood across southern Malaysia and in Singapore, there are plant nurseries that had a lot of their seasonal Christmas plants ‘killed’ by the flood, thus incurring huge losses. At the time when I’m writing this, it’s already rained for 24 hours non-stop since yesterday (25th December 2006, Christmas Day). I’m really scared that this will further create more damage to Southern Malaysia and also Singapore.

Never I felt so much about flooding apart from my childhood at a town in Malaysia which constantly got hit by flood every time there’s a full moon, when the gravity pull of the Moon causes high tide. Living across a river, flood time was the time when me and my siblings play with the water, catch some little crabs that is only an inch long. You won’t possibly eat them, but it was a fun part of my childhood nevertheless.

Back to the recent heavy rain. I start to appreciate sun shine, I start to appreciate sunny days. Luckily it didn’t rain during the night of Christmas eve and at day time during Christmas here in Singapore. Otherwise, so many tourists would have gone home disappointed. It rained in the afternoon at Orchard and it’s chaotic everywhere. At night, a lot of people were trapped in the sea of humans at Orchard. Everyone can hardly walk, everything was at a standstill at parts of Orchard. Old tourists or tourists with children on the baby trolleys were at a lost, and I remember seeing some cursing. It’s not good to curse at this time of the year. But some just couldn’t take it…. I just took the chance to observe people’s faces, most of them are in a jolly good mood, but there are those who felt otherwise.

A flood caused by a rain that lasted more than 24 hours and a flood of human beings that throng a place for a continuous 12 hours is equally no good. Flood of rain water will cause disease, death, looting…. Flood of humans could also result in death when there’s a stampede, pick pocketing… The rain isn’t stopping until now. As a recap, let’s see the damage it has caused in Singapore.

flood in Singapore

banjir di singapore

The rain’s still pouring, i think a similar article will appear again pretty soon…….

But anyhow, I don’t want something like this happening in Singapore.

sinking of japan

it takes a miracle to fight Earth. Rain Rain go away, come again some other day!

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