SuperNatural XXX cibai – cunt ( . )( . ) exposed at seaside

Yo~ dude, long time no c.. limpek is back again for some cibai talk. Few days ago, my German friend shared some of his photos taken while he was in Thailand, hope u guys still remember him CHECK THIS!!!. While browsing thru his gallery, I found something very interesting… check the pictures below then you will know~

I was wondering why is Sebastian so small in this picture??!! Looks like the focus is not on him. Check the next picture.

Oh! He wants us to focus on that hole~

Zooming in progress… 50%

Larger scale~ 80%… Opppsss.. it looks to me like something else… especially the whitish sea water.. interesting~

Much more clearer now~ Can anybody tell me what u guys see?? -______-”

What do u think u r doing, photographer?? Need it to be so closed???

Arrrhhhhhhhh~ what a BIG GUSH….. (Ombak besar!!!)

12 thoughts on “SuperNatural XXX cibai – cunt ( . )( . ) exposed at seaside

  1. hi tulanling and cibaihuat, thats cool. actually
    i only took 3 pictures of this great cibai, but my travel mate
    was so impressed that he had to make the other 12 pictures of
    it 😉

  2. u so free hor..cibai lang..
    got time go to study better la
    or watchin ur parent fucking bettter
    c i b a i l a n g

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