Free A1 Grandstand Ticket Contest

Hello guys and girls

CBL got freebie to give away, however, only valid for a short time. If you are a racing fan and you still haven’t got the A1 ticket for this weekend, you might want to win a free A1 Grand Prix ticket, that looks exactly like this one, courtesy of

Visit the A1 Team Malaysia website now at

A1 GrandPrix Malaysia

A1 Ticket Malaysia

Contest Rules

Please send us an e-mail with a pic that looks like this.
take a pic that looks like this, you stand a chance to win the ticket

You can pose on the side, in front, upside down, I don’t care what position u take, but what you take must fulfill the basic CBL pose criterion, which is reversing both hands and cover your face with your hands looking like this.

your hand should look like this

Yes, that’s the CBL pose. You need to do one CBL pose and we will give the ticket to the 5 most CB pose. READ THIS : IT’S 5 TICKETS IN TOTAL. So please do something now if you want the ticket
Contest closes on November 24 , 8:30 am, Malaysian time

Get your camera ready and shoot, then send to
Do include ways to contact u, alternate e-mails or phone numbers. We will e-mail or SMS u the location to pick up if you win.


Contest Open to anyone who is willing to pose and send us your pic. Ticket collection place is in Kuala Lumpur during office hour on 24th November 2006.
You will be notified of the exact address to pickup the ticket

8 thoughts on “Free A1 Grandstand Ticket Contest

  1. no sien u. anyway, too late, my friend at the A1 office already in Seremban trying out their sponsoring hotel. No one to give out ticket liaoz,,,

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