A CBL Love Letter – Mamak version

Ah Yee oh Ah Yee

Ah Yee, to me you are just like a cup of Teh Tarik, warm, bubbly, sweet and always aromatic. I love you as much as I love Teh Tarik, I will drink Teh Tarik till the end of time and I will love you till the end of my life too.

Ah Yee, for you I can be like a roti canai, you can flip me, flap me, grind me, press me, put me on a hot pan, sprinkle oil over me, I’d suffer like the roti canai batter, but I always believe, in the end of all sufferings, I’d be the best Roti Canai ever, King of all Roti Canais. Because of you.

You are the Teh Tarik and I am the Roti Canai, together, we are the best possible couple in the world!!! No one can separate us just like no one can separate Teh Tarik and Roti Canai from the Mamak stall menu. At times you might be cold towards me,(teh ais and roti canai combination is still not as good as a hot glass of Teh Tarik and Roti Canai) but I believe, in the end of the day, we will make our relationship happen and go on and on. No matter what happens, we are inseparable.

I like you Hot, I like you sweet, I like your milky taste, I like your aromatic body, I like the way you delight me and I like you bubbly. I like all of U, just like all of the Teh Tarik.

For U, I can be sweet (dip in sugar), I can be hot (curry);
For U, I shall be faithful (plain, no curry or sugar)
For U, I will climb the most impossible mountains of all just like climbing a Roti Tisu Mountain (possible kah?).
For U, I will dive in the deepest oceans (actually to get Sardin to make Roti Sardin)

For U, I will not drink Teh-O-Ais Limau. It might have a short term sensation, but it won’t last long. Only you will have the lasting effect, my precious glass of Teh Tarik. No matter how nice the fling will be, it will not be for long, I know you are the ultimate girl that will always have a permanent place in my heart.

If you ask me to choose, watch football or U, I will surely choose U over football.

I wish I can share all your sorrows, good times, bad times, the sweet times and… every other times imaginable.

Let me end this love letter to you with this picture, which I took at the place where we always hang out. To show you how much I love you.
I love u until I Ki Siao 傻了(Crazy over you), I love you so much until I can do silly things in the public, even at mamak, in front of the annéné also I can do this…..

I love U

at the Mamak

Anné : Budak, lu gila kah?

CBL  : Taraklah. Saya Mabuk, Mabuk Cinta saja

9 thoughts on “A CBL Love Letter – Mamak version

  1. yo dude…
    its rock!!!!!!
    mayb next tim we should use the same way to write “love LETTER”….
    surely the girl gonna grind u…..

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