ok. it’s not usual that I write tech stuff here. But what the heck, came across an interesting Google Page at see it to believe it.

Google kena lawsuit – The lawsuit, filed by copyright management firm Copiepresse in Belgium in August 2006, accused Google of breaching copyrights of publications represented by the firm. This month, the Court of First Instance in Brussels ordered the publications removed from Google.

So I went in to see the page hor, u see something like this

Google @ cibailang

Notice the footnote down there? It’s pretty uncommon scene for a Google Page right? To talk so much, when at first place, it’s famed for its simplicity.

It’s written in an alien language to me, so I used Google’s translation service and heck, it’s not working. Google’s site can’t even translate it’s own site. Si pet Sia Sue lah.

So I copied the stuff and tweak the article a bit in HTML form and voila, I tried again and this time it works!

You can check this link to read the translated version..You need to read a bit to reach the sane part, at least for those who only understands English and not European languages.

Here’s an explanation to what had happened

The actual case that happened was something like this.
Google’s news engine went to crawl (find, search, cache) news from all servers that they can get hold of. So sometimes because their engine too kengchau or rather too good, they can index something that is not meant for public consumption (before publishing on the mass media). So as a news aggregrator, Google News publish news when they found new news.

Mana tau (who knows), this state-of-the-art engine’s work angered some press companies …..coz surelah, when you(google) put the news before them, they cannot sell their news liao mah.(because of earning, profitability issues…it’s all about the money, all about the dumdumdididadum)

So the press company hired a copyright management firm called Copiepresse to fight in the court lah. And Google lost liao. So in the end, they have to show the footnote down there.

End Note 1 : The translation works, but u need to do some tweaking.
End Note 2 : Sometimes, when u do a good job, you might not get rewarded in the end, but kena Cibai things back on you.

Cibailang supports Google!!!

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  1. Just select english in the aangeboden in: Fran├žais Deutsch English

    link and the notice will be auto translated into english.

    nice discover

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