Yo everybody, long time no do posting dy.. coz too busy
with company work recently, sipet tulan. Ya know, cibailang also gotta work one ma.. But sometimes gotta do posting also, kenot let cibaiHuat do only.
Today, cibailangStudio.com (another subsidiary of
cibailang.com) has created a cibai game which we named it LeoKu May Cry and you all need to run.
Here’s the box frontpage and some screenshots taken from the game, enjoy!

The one on the left is Dante, he is the main character in Devil May Cry, another similiar game created by which is our main competitor in YOU_NAME_IT May Cry gaming series.

Here comes the two main characters of each game, tiewing each other. Dante on the left while Leo on the right.

Fire fighting each other, like my company people.

Wah! Somemore wanna headshot people.

Another fire fighting scene, never ending…

See you in cibailang.com! Piang!!! Thanks for promoting,
Dante.~ ^^