As u all should know, we are actually cibai m’sian in sg. we are so cibaily free everyday that we always talk cock over here at this cibai site we created. Besides, we also have some cibai sites with cibai names. Ok, let’s forget about these boring stuffs… let’s talk something more interesting today.. Today, i’m gonna talk about some differences btwn MY n SG.

If there’s no “U-TURN” sign board at traffic lights means u really can’t make a U-turn. U can ONLY do a U-turn whenever u c a “U-TURN” sign board.

U can’t make U-turn ONLY when u see “NO-U-TURN” sign board. U can make a U-turn anywhere if there’s no “NO-U-TURN”.

Cibailang U-turn

Cibailang - No U-turn

To test your understanding on this topic
Answer the following TRUE or FALSE question:

Can you U-turn at a road when you don’t see a “No-U-Turn” sign and you don’t see a “U-Turn” sign as well?
TRUE : if you are in Malaysia
FALSE : if you are in Singapore

see the difference? 😛
The buses’ backdoor only open to drop the passengers ONLY IF the bell is pressed and the “BUS STOPPING” lightbox lit up. The backdoor will never open even u already standing there AND the bus is actually collecting some people at the bus-stop.

The buses’ frontdoor and backdoor will open together whenever the buses stop.
Drivers’ mindset:

YELLOW LIGHT (SG): I have to slow down my car.
YELLOW LIGHT (MY): Let’s speed up or it will turn RED.

GREEN LIGHT (SG): Normal, just drive.
GREEN LIGHT (MY): Same as above, but drive slower (still green light ma)

When u see RED LIGHT from far (SG): Slowing down my car to stop.
When u see RED LIGHT from far (MY): Slowing down my car (slower than SG people), waiting it to turn GREEN immediately and just accelerate.

When u see pedestrian crossing the road (SG): I will stop and let them cross coz if I hit them, my license will be suspended immediately and I have to continue paying for my car even I am not driving anymore.
When u see pedestrian crossing the road (MY): Sorry, if I stop, the car at the back will horn at me. So, u wait la.

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