things that i sell b4

things that i sell before

1. colourful name cards with cute and nice designs
this is one of the hottest things in primary school of my time. 1980s, before we all leave school (primary school), we will write each other 纪念册,don’t know the translation in english, but should be something like this == testimonials ?
One of the things that kids of our time buy was these colourful and nice design name cards. Don’t have one of these with me now tho. But the designs ranges from Hello Kitty to sexy girls and cars and animals and even transformers or voltron and all that you can think of, printed on thick glossy paper. When you sell ten or a certain figure, you are entitled to a free pack of name cards. That was my first introduction to the business world. I think i managed to sell a bit and yeah, i got my own free name cards. Was so happy distributing the name cards then.

Now, I don’t even have a name card. 😛

2. mattress
yes, it’s tilam in Malay. I sold that before.
Hell it was end of the second semester at school where everyone was moving out of the dorm and a lot of friends are looking for furniture after they found their respective houses. Managed to sell a couple, my business wasn’t that good, prollie i’m just not that good with selling things. Maybe. But managed to get myself a mattress for free (after selling a few)

3. moon cakes
sell mooncakes at uni to the whole lecture hall. imagine pushing mooncakes to friends and some unknown people in the class. and when i was talking, i need to tell the whole class that the mooncake is Halal. I felt cibaily awkward gotta stand in front of the class and start pushing the mooncakes. And the lecturer that endorses this mooncake selling actually wants some profits from the sales.

the reason was, he’s a bankrupt, he’s muflis, Mou Chin, Bo Lui, and he’s so desperate just to get any single amount of money. So he made a deal with me, asking me to sell anything i can in the class, and write down those who bought the stuff, and he will do his part accordingly (yeah, it’s a Islam or Sociology kind of subject, so it’s always the last thing anyone would want to study). So the impression generated on the class was ok, there were some sales.

I remembered the funniest taste then was the chocolate flavour mooncake. I think I managed to sell a few.

maybe i’m just too damn ugly or the class hates me, the mooncake didn’t sell so well(like my other products), cibai, damn cibai. Another reason for the slow sales could be attributed to the fact that students at public unis are not so well off, most of them eat ‘Chap Fan’ or mixed rice at the cheapest stalls they can find. A mooncake that costs 10 bucks just don’t sound too attractive to them. I suppose.

Anyways, I got my A, I still don’t know if I got it on merit or was it because of my help to the lecturer? I still don’t know until now, but quite a number of students got A. and those who didn’t get sour graped and I became one of the outcast of my course. Sad … Sob Sob Sob. SO cibai….

anyways, move on to the next thing

4. Sell music CDs and DreamCatchers

ok, i was once in this neighbour country aka Indonesia, was staying in this mall and I saw 4 funny looking red indians. They were playing music using flute and some funny instruments. Was captivated instantly. Always a wide listener, i chatted and knew them instantly, the very next day, I started selling CDs for them. and some dreamcatchers too,


so i was like suddenly in a band group or something, selling stuff for them everyday, talking to them in broken english (not because i don’t speak good english, but simply because I have to accomodate them). never earned a profit from it, but i just ‘kaypoh’ and helped manning the booth and doing all sorts of yellings, doing funny sounds just to attract customers. was fun nonetheless. learned some broken spanish from them too.

there are still some stuff that i sold over the years. but let’s just end it here for now. 🙂

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