You are under arrest

Last weekend, I went to KLCC with a fren from pg, we dont know the way actually and spent some hours in the car looking for “the 2 jiagongs – the Petronas twin tower look like corns right?”. After wandering around for some time, finally we found the entrance and were so excited. Just before entering it, we were stopped by a traffic police and here’s the conversation.

My fren : Encik, macam mana mau masuk KLCC huh? Kami tak tau jalan oh.. (he doesnt start with ‘kenapa encik?’)
Trapit : Oh, ikut jalan ini, masuk kiri, bawah sana.
My fren : oh, kami dari penang.. susah mau cari oh.. terima kasih ya.. (he was trying to whind up the window and just leave, but was stopped by the police)
Trapit : Eih, saya nak bagi u saman la, mana u punya lesen sama ic.
My fren : Encik, boleh bagi chan tak? kami betui betui dari penang, kami jalan ada satu jam loh.. dalam kereta.. susah betui.. (I also said.. ya.. kami dari penang, first time encik, FIRST TIME)
Trapit : Betul ke? U tau tak sini tak boleh masuk.. hanya Teksi saja boleh masuk atau kereta yang keluar dari sana. Tengok tu, ada sign board ‘hanya teksi boleh masuk’.
My fren : oh, kami tak nampak encik.. (he was smiling n said) papan tu ada pokok tutup la.. tak nampak.. betui ada ke?
Trapit : Besar macam tu tak boleh nampak? Bagi u punya ic..
My fren : oh, betui betui mau bagi saman ya.. (he gave the police his license and ic, he cut his ic’s edges actually, i also think very jialat)
Trapit : Ish, u punya ic teruk la.. potong macam nie pun boleh..
My fren : encik, berapa mau kena bayar macam ini?
Trapit : oh, dua ratus (RM200) u boleh pergi buat rayuan la, seratus lima puluh boleh kena lepas rayuan, tapi kena sebelum hari sekian sekian (i forgotten the date he mentioned for appeal)
(my fren said nothing and the police walked to the front of car, writing something)

(in the car, talking in hokkien with me)
My fren
HOKKIEN : ish, ee ai hor samban hor. kanne.. limpek tamma tiao tee mui ee an cua khee KLCC liao.. ai hor juga samban.. kanne
ENGLISH : ish, he still wanna give saman la. I was trying to avoid like asking for the way to Jiagong dy.. kanne.. (coz just now he didnt ask “kenapa encik?” right?)
HOKKIEN : boh iao kin la.. macibai
ENGLISH : kanne.. nvm la.. macibai
My fren
HOKKIEN : ee mai ciak lui hor.. macibai.. kanne..
ENGLISH : he doesnt wanna eat $$ hor.. macibai kanne..

(the police came to us again)
Trapit : nah, u punya ic.. u betui betui first time mai KL?
My fren : encik, mana itu kertas (he was refering to the saman). tak da kertas macam mana saya mau bayar?
Trapit : oh, i bagi u satu chan.. warning kali ini.. u boleh pergi.. (his malay very good.. really KL punya baku)
My fren : oh.. terima kasih encik.. thankyou thankyou.

(we left the crime scene immediately, hokkien conversation again)
My fren
HOKKIEN : wat lau eh.. ee boh samban lang hor.. cibai.. sipet heng ar.. limpek sngeh nor pak khor ar.. (RM200).. eh sai khee genting cui uncle lim liao.. heng ar.. (he laughed like lyson, another fren of mine, having a very funny laugh voice)
ENGLISH : wahlau eh, he doesnt give saman.. cibai.. really heng ar.. i saved RM200.. i can go genting fight with uncle lim dy.. so lucky..
HOKKIEN : kanne.. wa siang kong ee ai hor samban.. tapik tamma ee mm cai chor hamik hor? sia lu ae chia pai kot..
ENGLISH : kanne.. i thought he wants to give saman, but just now dunno wat he did.. maybe he was writing only your car number..
My fren
HOKKIEN : chor kong kerk ma..
ENGLISH : he do homework ma (police got quota also, gotta give homework to their bosses one, we understood, that’s why sometimes we also let them saman us)

(then we went to KLCC happily, and i won a tissue there. i told my fren also i escaped 2 of 3 times of traffic offences last time, caught by police also)

You are under arrest

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