England and rooney

Another Cibai Conversation

Yo~ morning guys… An cua today? Me sick today.. Sipet sien~ feeling
like zombie nia.. Last nite when beckham took the freekick I asked
Donald come n c the world’s scarriest freekick taker… Shit~ it
goals!!! Damn chun the freekick.. Directly banana spin into the net.

Yeah yeah….hehe. I watched that match too. Beckham…damn good….
that freekick… Chun Chun went into the net……hehe

Actually overall English performance is like shit.. They cant even
attack ppl.. They just depend on Beckham’s corner n freekick nia,
another guy that day that performed very well is Lennon.. Which
substituted Beckham last nite.

Agreeable… not sure they’ll qualify into SemiF or not

Actually the Ecuador’s tactic was to draw with England and go for extra
time & penalty.. The Ecuadorian is very confident with their durability
(coz Oo lang very durable comparing to angmo) but somehow they
miscalculate Beckham’s freekick.. Too bad.. Last nite I already want
England to be knocked out n bye bye to them in worldcup 2006 but somehow
my dream doesn’t come true.. Shit!!! They wont have better luck next

Haaha…seems like u don’t support England huh?

1st round I already want them out la.. Hopefully they dun be that hor
kau mia until Semi else meet Brazil sia sui eat egg.. Next round
Portugal dunno how lo~ coz last nite Portugal got 2 redcards, Deco may
not in next round… Shit!

Why u hate england so much?

I no hate them.. But I dun wanna c “seee” ball in worldcup… U know the
match very shitty u know? Boring le~

Not much attacking for u huh? 🙂

Yala~ the pace very slow.. I pay Starhub to c WORLDCUP le~ … Not only
banana freekick.. I want aggressive one’s like Portugal vs Holland last
nite.. 4 redcards.. Like that ma.. Pushing, jersey charge, sliding
tackle.. Then dun stop even already scored.. Dun u c england already in
defensive mode after scoring 1 goal? They only put that ronnie kid
(gonnie = Goo = Bull, play like a bull) infront to steal chicken?

True… england’s tactic….. win then enough…. no need to win with

Dunno why .. Recently they so good dog life

Here comes in Felicia Pee

I support England!!!


Felicia Pee

Last nite is Ecuador, paraguay already kena knocked out in 1st round..
Already bye bye to worldcup liao~ Crouch is nothing la.. They can’t even
play… U wanna c how they play with portugal next round?

Felicia Pee
Agreed! The previous matches she had all yee ta luk team.
Beckham’s banana kick still bao3 dao1 wei4 lao3, his free kick –
freaking cool! Chun chun beside the tiang. Walao! But his stamina
started drop loh! See him so chuan resting in player sit there.

England’s defense always goodlah. Lagi got a kou lou Crouch there, haha!
He is so outstanding in sense of height. Like the tiang in GOAL gate
there, hahaha……

The match yesterday a bit disappointed. Eng got a lot chance to shot the
goal when near to the gate but missed it, so geram!!

But the referee also cha~ Paraguay made hand ball they also din chui PP.

So ah lim, you predict Portugal will “sure win” next round??

Felicia Pee
Pai seh~ thanks for correcting me. Is Ecuador, not Paraguay….
When is that match?
Crouch is cute! He just play defense nia ma~ When u see he stand a line
with others teammate during free kick, so entertaining loh, he no need
to jump hahaha! 😀


Portugal sure win ar?? Dun think so.. Coz Deco is redcard.. Will miss
the match liao~ if he no in.. One Figo is nothing la~ but England not
easy to eat Portugal la.. Unless Portugal is so sui until lost to them.
Overall Portugal more power. Crouch if not mistaken is a forward

Felicia Pee
Yup, but he always put in for defense strategy.

Coz as Obi said.. They just want a small win rather than big win ma..
England strategy is always half half.. Not to say attacking n oso
defensive.. Their attacking power is so lame~

Felicia Pee
Win is win, no small win or big win lah~ As long they WIN!!!! Yeah!!

Won Paraguay bcoz of Beckham’s Free Kick
Won Ecuador, bcoz of Beckham’s Free Kick

Without Beckham, England awal-awal sudah mampus

Yup… WC oso knows hor.. Actually his rooney kid got come in or not oso
no effect .. All depends on his freekick.. That day crouch in oso coz of
his well delivery.

Talk football with ppl that 4 years only watch one time football one =
wanna vomit.. Ppl watch every EPL/ISA/CL la.. U know all these terms ar?
Tell in 5mins.. Dun check internet or ask ppl.

quote : Felicia Pee
Win is win, no small win or big win lah~ As long they WIN!!!! Yeah!!

Felicia Pee
But Rooney not bad wat~ fast loh him!
Unfortunately Owen tiok siong back home liao……… huh.. huh…

Felicia Pee

Yup… WC oso knows hor.. Actually his rooney kid got come in or not oso
no effect .. All depends on his freekick.. That day crouch in oso coz of
his well delivery.

Felicia Pee
Who care!!
I admitted I din watch it a lot. But got a ppl who not watch football
only 4 yrs once keep sending his chui nua to my mailbox ( I dun think
watch a lot pun….), I ma send back a bit loh!
Float in my mailbox liao!!


Felicia Pee

U know rooney kid background ar? Ppl played boxing b4 joining football
la.. Fast but kenot in ma.. Useless oso.. Wasting $$$.. I pay starhub to
c more goals le~ dun tell me all these bullshit.. I want more GOALs..
Understand ar? Dun let me throw the manager’s the files… Owen go back
coz they want rooney kid in.. Coz they playing in the same position..
One in another must out.. Else where got excuse la.. Understand bor?

Spatula Lim
Ngek ngek… Then must do abit homework..

Wah…. is it real? Never thought of Owen’s keluar is actually

Haih~ everything happened must have the “VALID” reason la… Somemore
Owen kenot performed these years.. He no out.. Who out?

Felicia Pee
Please lah! What Rooney play boxing? Where u get those bullshit? He play
football since 12 yrs old ok!!
Please lah! Owen really injured lah, Siao lang! His leg twisted in
Sweden match lah! U really think I dun know ah~

Since u like to use factory and fact thing in conversation, show me the

Talk nice nice ok?! We all r su bun lang, I’m a lady……..

Felicia Pee

I sense another gah loh coming…..

Wei~ u really dunno he played boxing hor.. Hmm… So wat? Plz football
since 12 years old kenot play boxing oso? Who told u speak mandarin
kenot speak malay liao one? Got such thing? Plz la.. Somemore u thot
every football report is true ar.. Yo~ think like an adult.. Ppl oso
said rooney kenot play in knockout round lo~ but why he is in?? Dun
watch the news n direct interpret without filter.. Plz la… My previous
maxis bill are paid using EPL betting ok?

Hiak hiak… She is just a kid in football.. Ignore her.. Let’s continue
our football chat.. Let me analyse more n tell u.. Tonite onwards I m
healthy enuf to analyse liao after few days rest coz of slight fever +

Hahaha…. okok…. she’s just a kid in football? Maybe she just
pura-pura….maybe she’s a master in football…

Yeah..maybe hor.. Who knows.. Hiak hiak hiak..

Felicia Pee
Dun talk all of that, show me the data

Spatula Lim
Che wah.. Then u show me Crouch is good enuf, n rooney plays football
since 12 lo~ show lo~ want me to predict who will win next match or not?
This kinda data solid enuf ar? Ppl prove things by prediction n the
prediction comes true.. Not talk talk only.. Understand ar? Everyday
hor.. Plz notice my msn nick la.. Those are all prediction n comes
true.. Understand ar? My housemate is the withness.. No need evidence..
I introduce u real life withness.. Want ar?

Felicia Pee
First of all, I din said Crouch is good, I said he is cute and

If this way, u talk all lah! Show me the fact, come on~ show me the
He won any amateur from boxing? Owen sent back not bcoz of his injury?

Ur predicts so geng is ur business (geng meh?). Fact is fact, fact is
not prediction, but fact drive result. Show me, where is the data?

Show me, show me your data!

Felicia Pee
Chi Sin

Subject: RE: yo~ ancua?

First of all… I said play boxing not got into any tournament..
understand English ar? .. I didn’t say he can fight with Tyson.. my english got
matter or ur English got matter? Show u wat data? Wat u wanna do if I show u
all my data?? U show me 1st lo~ where u got to know he starts to play since
12years old? Show me ur data 1st? hey… kid.. show me ur data before 8pm
tonight else it might affect your focal this year again.. this is your last
chance to prove your capability ar.. show me your data when is owen injured n y
must he be sent back to England but not staying in germany? Germany got
not such medic meh? Why? Show me this data 1st… else ur focal affected
again!!! I WANT IT TONIGHT.. I m not gonna repeat n repeat again.. we r
all adults.. ok? Next.. did I said rooney kid joined any amature boxing? Did
show me the data.. it’s me that should ask from u.. not u .. .ok? show
me all these data.. fulfill my request by tonight.. ok? Send me a good
report end of today.. I already said is prediction so wat it concerns u? if u
want data from prediction then go ask those fortune tellers la.. they oso
predict ma.. somemore very good n kengcao leh~ they do bisness lo~ ancua? Ok..
let’s cut the crap.. give me a good report by tonight.. ok? 8pm ar

2 thoughts on “England and rooney

  1. 1-0 or 10-0 still a win,Beatiful or ugly football winning is the bottom line , as Jose Mourinho always said we are here to win not to entertaint

    Can anyone tell my who is the Euro Championship 2004 winner?Are they playing beatiful football

    Go England! England! No Deco & Consitlla

  2. wei~ dun tell me that “seee” champion la… we now pay to c more goals … we r consumers.. we r spectators… WE PAY!!! and nobody admit that 2004 champion is good.. NOBODY… alrite? nobody.. at least among my frens.. NOBODY.. IF they said to win but not for entertaining.. hey.. plz la.. u oso working in manufacturing b4.. there’s always discrepancy btwn production & customers’ request la.. dun tell me u dun know this theory..

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