iPad 2 vs. Chi Pad 2

The big news of yesterday was iPad2 was finally launched.  And for poor people like us at cibailang, we can only afford to buy China made fake ipads. They were already launched since the ipad1 days (do we call them ipad 1 now, since 2 is out?) anyway, here are some cool pictures of the ipad2. Really look nice, should save more money !! Then no need buy China ipad.







But my main story today is not to buy ipad, but rather, the product name of the china ipad, Introducing China Made ipad —— the Chipad (please click on the link)

The Chipad – (Please read with a hokkien tone), Yes, it’s the cipet, or cipad.









So now, what is the story about Chipad or Cipad?

Cipad is cibai . same same. no difference. So before you buy a china ipad, think of the consequences, you can tell people you bought a cipet. It’s just so uncool , or cool, if you cibailang.com


So don’t buy a Chipad, buy Ipad.

But if you already have a chipad, do treasure your chipad!!




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