Spain Prostitutes Ordered to Wear Reflective Yellow Vests for Safety

Those women in heels, short skirts, and yellow reflective vests along the roads of Spain’s Els Alamus aren’t city officials, but they are directing traffic — to the nearest bordello, most likely.

London’s Telegraph reports that the Spanish street walkers have been ordered to wear bright bibs or face a $55 fine — not that the women couldn’t come up with that cash pretty quickly.

According to a 2004 law, pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders (ha!) must wear the high-visibility vests. Police say they are targeting the pavement-pounding hussies not because of their occupation but because of the potential hazards they may cause drivers.

“In the past couple of months the prostitutes have been fined for two reasons: for not wearing the reflective jacket and for creating danger on the public highway,” says Mossos d’Esquadra, a spokesman for the regional police force.

According to the Telegraph, approximately 300,000 women work as prostitutes in Spain — where the world’s oldest profession is legal — and one in four Spanish men have admitted to paying for sex.

If the flashy vest trend catches on, expect to see Taylor Momsen pairing one with her stripper heels the next time she performs with her band, the Pretty Reckless.

In other news, check out “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts’s skimpy attire during a recent appearance in Spain.

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