RM 5 billion Mega Project

RM 5 billion, in case you don’t know how much it is, it’s RM 5,000 million or RM 5,000,000,000. Well, that’s right, 9 zeros. ┬áIn corporate finance, you typically finance a project when the project will bring in more value to the company through the years, well, typically most firms see a payback of 3-5 years. I have no idea what kind of payback the Malaysian government is looking at. I’m not speculating how the project will be funded, as well as the projection by the government in terms of the long term value this project will bring to the country. Godspeed.

Malaysia's mega project again ~~~ another "white elephant" ?
Malaysia's mega project again ~~~ another "white elephant" ?

One thought on “RM 5 billion Mega Project

  1. Malaysians will have to finance the project, maybe another investment fund such as Amanah Saham 2020, Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia will be introduced soon.

    What PNB or the government need to do is to give you a booklet and print the figure and exchange with real cash from you…

    Have you wake up Malaysians?

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