Yes, confirmed, Facebook sets up office in Singapore

facebook singapore pte ltd

updated 11:07 am with the screen shot

Yes, this is first hand news from Read it, from CBL.

Facebook has landed in Singapore, it’s known as Facebook Singapore Pte Ltd and has office at Temasek Avenue.

On behalf of all South East Asians, I welcome Facebook to our shores! (They’ve set up an office in India)

Don’t believe ?

I even know their company registration number (to all the journalists out there who don’t even care to check this site, do you know there’s something called ACRA Bizfile ??) :

Facebook Singapore’s Co Reg No : 201004959C

Date of incorporation: 8th March 2010, they earlier applied for the company name in 25th February 2010.

They must be setting up their banking accounts now. Woohoo!!

This is GREAT and BIG news for Singapore’s Tech World!! Enter the Social Media Giant!!

There will definitely be a huge push and recognition to the online ad industry, and it’s only gonna get better and better!!

Man, I’m so so so excited, I can’t sleep…

as if I’m earning pots of money from Facebook….

4 thoughts on “Yes, confirmed, Facebook sets up office in Singapore

    1. haha

      actually i can’t sleep due to excessive consumption of caffeine. =) Facebook news was the by-product.
      Anyways, tks for dropping by dude.

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