What you should do when you gonna die soon!?

Limpek this whole week only study Sun Solaris 10 course (next week too.. sipet sien) n never go to work..
Today Limpek gotta see if Limpek can attend the exam tomorrow so Limpek really gotta go thru every chapter..
Limpek is now at chapter 8 going to 9 finishing the Patch add for Sun & going to OpenBootPROM for Solaris ..
After Chap8, Limpek thinking of rest abit & that’s why read some emails from a friend of mine from previous company (she just got alot of funny forward emails) .. here’s one of them that I found very funny (just to share with u all, maybe some of u had seen it before.. probably I will share more in the future..) Have fun.

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