CRAPSSSSS : tulanling’s techie projects

Dear all, how are u guys? Long time no see, guess u all also nvr hear from Limpek too.

Why Limpek didnt show up so long? Bcoz all this while Limpek is busy doing research on many things.. limpek has many toy projects i.e blogspot spammer (3 years old), blogspot accounts creator (3 years old), phpBB spammer (3 years old), forum spammer (3 years old), captcha breaker (image recognition – a few attempts with different algorithm – 1.5 years old), mass mailer (2 years old), youtube auto-discover-n-downloader (1.5 year old), a few giant free webmail autologin (3 years old, update from time to time), social networks crawler (3 years old), chatter-box (1/2 year old), etc etc etc plus some websites (aggregator/local social network/crappy sites..etc)…

Why Limpek doing all these? Errr.. some of them for fun, some to learn new skills, but of course in the end is for $$$..

So, most of u may ask izzit Limpek had earned some $$$ by doing all these crappies? The answer is.. OF COURSE lahhh.. Later only show u guys the result. Read further~

You guys must have received a lot of spam mails talking cock how to earn money from internet, how to earn money from home, how to make money work for you, how to this, how to that… those fucking cibailangs like to ceramah (speeching) all these cibai talks everywhere, posting on newspaper talking about damn fucking SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to make money from internet, this n that. But let Limpek ask u : “DO THEY REALLY TEACH YOU GUYS HOW TO & WHAT TO DO STEP BY STEP? STRAIGHT TO THE POINT BUT NOT ONLY TOUCHING THE SURFACE?” Let me tell u, like my fren said.. “the easiest way to earn money is to ‘teach people how to earn money’? People that make real money from the internet will not simply come out & share their experience one la~ ONLY Losers that come out ONLY!!!” Those cibailangs just give u a fucking idea overview on how to earn money but will never teach u how.. they dont fucking know what is scripting nor how the web works.. what they know is to con people!!! and conned the hard-earned $1k-$2k Or more from them.

So, most of u may ask izzit Limpek gonna teach u how? The answer is.. MAYBE LOH.. DEPENDS ON RESPONSE LOH… Maybe Limpek will teach u how to do, BUT bare in mind there are pre-requisites b4 u all can really do like what Limpek & bare in mind too most of the technique Limpek using isn’t a WHITE way (means it’s not a proper way like those bloggers are doing — hardway). What Limpek practising is a GRAY way (means shortcut!) Limpek is able to shorten ur way to at least boost up the traffic but of course, boosting is boosting, to maintain it, u guys gotta put some effort in it.. don’t blame Limpek if u can’t maintain.. u can’t maintain bcoz of many factors.. laziness is one of them. REALLY!!! Bcoz Limpek is a very lazy guy, so Limpek won’t update that frequent.. Limpek is a very lazy guy, that’s why Limpek learn how to write scripts, make them work for Limpek. Not make the money work for us <<<<< NO MONEY HOW TO MAKE MONEY WORK FOR US???!!! #&*$#@$&#*@&$ >>>>>

Yeah about pre-requisites!!!
What are those pre-requisites that u all need? At least PERL, PHP, Java, SQL (MySQL is used in my case), Image processing knowledge, good knowledge in HTTP-FORMS, HTML-FOMRS, HTTP-HEADER, COOKIEs etc etc etc… many la~ LIMPEK learnt all these thru practising & testing with ONLINE environment & real live people from all over the world. LIMPEK will teach u all (if u all are interested!!) one by one.. step by step.. but about scripts.. maybe share abit loh.. no choice.. hehe

Last but not least, let Limpek show u all the earnings that Limpek had made recently from a network. See below…

So, interested to know more? NO ? YES ?? Limpek only write if got good response.. ciao~ lalala~

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